$1.94 Stamp (within Canada)

$1.94 Stamp (within Canada)

Sweet 100%
Savoury 0%
  • Handmade
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  • Local pick-up


Please do not add this product to your cart if you would like to send a bar as a postcard directly through our website.

To send a bar as a postcard: add one Postcard Chocolate Bar to your cart, check out, and choose "Send as a Postcard" as the shipping method.

Send a Postcard Chocolate Bar anywhere in Canada with one $1.94 oversized letter mail stamp. Now available to purchase right from our website.

If you want to have the complete Postcard Chocolate Bar experience, purchase a stamp for each bar you plan on sending, and we will include the stamps in an envelope for later use in your order. Fasten a stamp to each bar you're sending, tape both ends closed, and pop it in a Canada Post mail box / take it to a Canada Post outlet. Please expect 5-15 business days for letter mail to arrive.

What's a Postcard Chocolate Bar? Click here to find out!


Paper, glue, Canadian imagery. Don't eat this, please.

Shipping & Local pick-up

All of our products are available online for world-wide shipping and local pick-up in Ottawa, Ontario. Need some more info? Check out our Shipping Policy.

Chocolate Care Instructions

Our bars, discs, and dragées are best eaten within 1 year of purchase. Store in a cool, dry place. Some people like to eat cold or frozen chocolate, but we recommend they be enjoyed at room temperature for best flavour. 

Our bonbons are made fresh and are best eaten within 10 days of purchase if stored at room temperature, or within one month if stored in the fridge. They are best enjoyed at room temperature, especially after a delicious meal.