$1.94 Stamp (within Canada)


*Please do not add this product to your cart if you would like to send a bar as a postcard directly through our website.

To send a bar as a postcard: add one Postcard Chocolate Bar to your cart, check out, and choose "Send as a Postcard" as the shipping method.

Send a Postcard Chocolate Bar anywhere in Canada with one $1.94 oversized letter mail stamp. Now available to purchase right from our website.

If you want to have the complete Postcard Chocolate Bar experience, purchase a stamp for each bar you plan on sending, and we will include the stamps in an envelope for later use in your order. Fasten a stamp to each bar you're sending, tape both ends closed, and pop it in a Canada Post mail box / take it to a Canada Post outlet. Please expect 5-15 business days for letter mail to arrive.

What's a postcard chocolate bar? Click here to find out!