Alicja Confections started in 2015 as a creative outlet. We use classic techniques of chocolate making, but we don’t leave it there. Every chocolate is a new, weird, interesting, funky, delicious flavour you won't normally find anywhere else.


Chocolate: white, milk, dark, and ruby. Every piece of chocolate you'll eat from us has been tempered with love and a lot of muscle.


One of the most unique handmade chocolate bars in the world (at least in our opinion), the Postcard Chocolate Bar is our bestselling product.

A chocolate bar you can send in the letter mail using only one $1.94 letter mail stamp in Canada, we've sent over 25,000 bar in the mail since 2015. Yes, you really can send a chocolate bar in the mail!

Meet the AC Team

Alicja - Founder, Head Chocolatier

As a kid, I never liked chocolate. People find it funny, but it’s true! There were only a few select flavours I liked and no one accessible to me was making them – so I made them myself! After leaving a job working at a chocolate store to work in an office, I was seriously bored. Alicja Confections started from a need for a creative outlet. Everything from the packaging, flavours, marketing, and branding are things I love to do.

Nicholas - Numbers Man, Taste Tester

As a kid, I especially liked chocolate. Little did “Childhood Nick” know, this sweet treat would become one of the largest influences in his life. I don’t think you can blame him for not seeing it, though . . . Aerospace Engineering degree, Royal Canadian Air Force Engineering Officer, lawyer, chocolate store owner? One of those things is definitely not like the other. Oddly enough, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

All of Alicja's products are creative, unique, & delicious! Not only does everything arrive in pristine condition, but every purchase is packaged with obvious care. The original concept of the Postcard chocolate bars is such a fun & innovative way to share the yummy love with your friends & family. There's my go-to favourites waiting for me & always something exciting to look forward to in the works! The Holiday collections make perfect gifts too, & are a great way to support local when it matters the most.

- Aneliese, Customer Review

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