Alicja Confections started in 2015 as a creative outlet. We use classic techniques of chocolate making, but we don’t leave it there. Every chocolate is a new, weird, interesting, funky, delicious flavour you won't normally find anywhere else.


White, milk, dark, and ruby. Every piece of chocolate you'll eat from us has been tempered with love and a lot of muscle. 




Meet the AC Team

Nick & Alicja

Nicholas - Numbers Man, Taste Tester
As a kid, I especially liked chocolate. Little did “Childhood Nick” know, this sweet treat would become one of the largest influences in his life. I don’t think you can blame him for not seeing it, though . . . Aerospace Engineering degree, Royal Canadian Air Force Engineering Officer, lawyer, chocolate store owner? One of those things is definitely not like the other. Oddly enough, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Alicja - Founder, Head Chocolatier
As a kid, I never liked chocolate. People find it funny, but it’s true! There were only a few select flavours I liked and no one accessible to me was making them – so I made them myself! After leaving a job working at a chocolate store to work in an office, I was seriously bored. Alicja Confections started from a need for a creative outlet. Everything from the packaging, flavours, marketing, and branding are things I love to do.

Meet the AC Team


Lexi - General Manager, Chocolatier, Amazing Person
I’ve always had a passion for baking (and eating) sweet treats! After learning to work with chocolate while studying pastry arts in college, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. I was so excited to find a local chocolate business that creates unique flavour combinations and modern designs. I started as a part-time chocolatier at Alicja Confections in 2018; and now I’m the General Manager, where I get to use my love of food and organization everyday.

Staff - 15 Amazing People!
Our team of chocolatiers, assistants, shipping team, retail staff are the reason this business is possible. Whether you're at our Westboro shop, or ordering online, our team will process your order with a detailed and careful eye, plus a smile ☺