Warehouse Sale


Saturday, December 16th
10 am - 4 pm
303 Richmond Road
(line up in front of Highly Fresh)



Monday, December 18th
10 am - while supplies last


What is a warehouse sale (December 16th)?

A warehouse sale is an opportunity to purchase our Postcard Chocolate Bars at 50% off, a discount even greater than our wholesale price. It is an in-person event. Basically, you’ll line up, and be let into our warehouse in groups. You can go through our warehouse and choose any product you would like. It could be one chocolate bar, or you can fill up an entire bag if you wish. We will count all of your items and charge $5.99 per bar, 50% off the original price of $11.99. Please note: None of the products we are selling are seconds, rejects, expired, etc. These are products we would normally sell at full price and have no known flaws.


Why a warehouse sale?

We are doing this sale for multiple reasons:

  1. We have a vast range of products available and would like to clear out some stock before the end of the year. We want to make room for new flavours and new products we have planned for 2024.

  2. We have limited edition/one-off products that would take too much work to list online/stock in our shop. Not doing this will save us time.

  3. This type of sale allows us to sell products as cheaply as possible, allowing our customers to benefit from these savings and potentially making our products more accessible to everyone.


Can I pick what I get?

Absolutely - unlike our Mystery Box sales, you will be able to spend time in our warehouse and choose exactly what you’d like to take home and enjoy. We will have our staff on hand if you have any questions about any products.

What type of quality can I expect?

As mentioned above, all of the products sold at our warehouse sale are products we would normally sell at full price. There are no seconds, rejects, expired, etc. products. We will always uphold our quality chocolate and will never knowingly sell you something with flaws.

What about online (December 18th)?

Because we are trying to avoid *more* work, an online version of this sale will look different than an in-person event. The website will be updated, specifically for the online version of the warehouse sale.

You will be able to choose a product category, and type of chocolate. We will randomly choose flavours based on this selection (ei. Postcard Chocolate Bar in Dark Chocolate - you could end up with any flavour we have in stock). Pricing will be the same as in-person event.

Only the warehouse sale will be shoppable on our website on December 18th. No other products will be available for purchase on this day. Free shipping will not be available for this event as the products will already be discounted heavily. We will offer shipping with before and after Christmas arrival, as well as local pickup.

If you're into trying new things, need last minute gifts, enjoy many of our flavours, and/or want to avoid in-person events, the online version of this sale is perfect for you. If you’re local to Ottawa and want specific flavours/items, we highly recommend you come to the in-person event to have a better chance at snagging the products you want, while they’re still available.

Pricing and purchase limits

Each bar will be $5.99, 50% off the regular price of $11.99, a discount even greater than our wholesale price.

You are able to purchase as much or as little as you would like, provided you are able to carry it out of the shop. We are unable to help you load a car/truck/etc. and will not allow use of our loading dock. Basically, this sale is meant for our loyal customers and new friends who want to try us out, not someone trying to profit off the sale by reselling products.

Products available

We will have a large range of our Postcard Chocolate Bars available during this sale. Various flavours including current, discontinued, and not yet released. Certain flavours may not be available due to low stock.

Is everything final sale?

Yes - absolutely every warehouse sale item is final sale and is ineligible for return or exchange as always with our food products, and including our gifts/accessories.

Is there a lot of product available?

Yes - we are working very hard to make sure there will be enough product to go around, which includes making new product specifically for this sale.

With this being said, we are expecting product to move quickly. We highly recommend coming early and lining up to make sure you get as much as you want and have time to find the products you want. If the sale sells out early (which is unlikely but just in case), we will announce this via Instagram and our website www.alicjaconfections.com.


Our warehouse is located at 303 Richmond Road. While our first floor is accessible, our warehouse is located in our basement, and requires the use of stairs to access. If you would like to attend the sale and need our help, please email us at info@alicjaconfections.com and we will do everything in our power to assist you. We ask that you do not bring strollers, sleds, wagons, etc. as we cannot store these items for you during the sale and want to keep the line and hallway as clear as possible.

FREE Parking is located behind the building (Winona and Picton Ave). Please line up/enter through our neighbour shop, Highly Fresh (303 Richmond Road), and exit through our back door (opens to the parking lot).

Final notes

Please bear in mind that you may not get every single flavour you want. While we do hope that you get what you want (or at least something that you like!) products will sell fast. This is a great opportunity to try something new or pick up gifts, favours, thank yous, etc. Our products have a 1 year shelve life so they will last AN ENTIRE YEAR.

This sale is a way for us to sell things as cheaply as we can. All sales are final. None of the products are defective and would normally sell for full price.

In-person events and sales can be stressful. Please don’t put yourself in that situation if it makes you nervous. This is why we are also doing an online version of the sale. Our entire facility has upgraded ventilation to accommodate a large group of people. Our staff will be available every step of the way to help you line up, enter the warehouse, answer any product questions, check out, and guide you to the exit.

If you’re cool with everything you just read, our warehouse sale will be a great experience! We’re so excited to see you there and hope you share this opportunity with your friends and family just before the holidays.