Hello! You're probably on this page because you have some burning questions! Before you send us a message (even though we LOVE hearing from you), the answer to your question might be right here!

My favourite bar is sold out! When will you make more?
We make bars almost daily! Check back in a couple of days and we'll have it. Please note: our production kitchen is currently closed to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

I have an allergy! Can I still enjoy your chocolates?
All Alicja Confections products are made in our retail location at 829 Bank Street, Ottawa. In our facility, we make items that contain nuts, soy, dairy, gluten, and other allergens. We take extreme care to make our products that are dairy-free friendly and/or gluten-free friendly separately from others, but cross contamination is still possible. If you have a serious allergy and are unsure, please message us below!

Do you have a tracking number for my order?
When we send your orders, we send out a little "Hey! We sent your order!" email. Please check your spam box if you have not received this email within 3 business days of ordering. If we did not include a tracking number, there is no tracking number! All orders sent by Standard Shipping/Regular Mail do not include tracking to keep down cost for you. Postcard Chocolate Bars sent as postcards DO NOT include tracking and are sent via standard letter mail (5-15 business days).

I review products - Can you send me some samples?
Please send us a message! We get these inquiries very often, so please include your website or social media handles. We will not respond to spam or inquiries we are not interested in, thanks for your understanding!

I run a pop-up/trade show/event/etc. - Wanna come?
Heck yeah we do! Send us a message with any info we might need. We're always looking for local Ottawa and surrounding area shows, so if you'd like us to participate, send us a message below.

I have a store and want to sell your products - Do you wholesale?
We sure do! Please send us an email with information about your store such as it's location, what you sell there, and your social media handles/website. Give us a shout below.

I have a charity or cause looking for donations - Do you make donations?
We have a certain budget for charitable donations. Donation requests must be made 90 days before the event, and accompanied with a charitable donation receipt. Apologizes to those that cannot meet those requirements! We have this policy in place because we get this question A LOT and simply cannot contribute to every one of them. We reserve the right to deny any cause we feel doesn't reflect our beliefs and vision of Alicja Confections.

I just thought of the best flavour ever - Can you make it?
Uhh... Yeah! Fill out this online form and we will put it in our list of suggested flavours. If we make the flavour (and someone hasn't already suggested it), we'll contact you to send you a bar for free! 

Still have a question you need answering? Send us a message here!