chocolate lovers • 6 piece chocolate bar set
$45.00 $48.00

6 postcard chocolate bars that for the chocolate lover - whether that's you, or a friend, it doesn't matter. whoever!

save a couple of bucks buying in bulk! perfect for christmas, birthdays, mother's day, father's day, valentine's day... you get the picture.

please let us know if this is a gift in your CART. we'll gift wrap it and add a note!

here is the line up of bars:

1. słodka sól - milk postcard chocolate bar with toffee bits and pink himalayan salt. translated from Polish means "sweet salt". this bar has sweet toffee bits and Himalayan salt. dedicated to the country of Poland, for their famous salt mines! everyone likes this bar. a little sweet, and little salty - it's truly a crowd pleaser. gluten-free friendly.

2. fraoula - milk postcard chocolate bar covered with freeze dried strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. translated from Greek fraoula means "strawberry". fraoula is the for people who like a little tart with their sweet. one of the best looking bars - in our humble opinion. gluten-free friendly.

3. tiger butter - milk and peanut butter postcard chocolate bar. tiger butter is a milk and peanut butter chocolate striped chocolate bar. milky and sweet, with salty peanut butter striped in... it's a peanut butter lovers dream. gluten-free friendly.

4. whatever! - milk and white postcard chocolate bar with cookie bits. whatever! we didn't want to just name it cookies and cream! this is a milk chocolate bar swirled with white chocolate, cookie bits, with MORE cookies on top. yum!

5. mocha - milk and dark chocolate blended postcard chocolate bar with coffee flavour. mocha has a nice, blend of milk and dark chocolate. dark is added to bring out the coffee flavour. perfect for all coffee lovers. coffee + chocolate = <3 gluten-free friendly.

6. colouring book - milk postcard chocolate bar covered with candy rainbow sunflower seeds. this bar is EXTRA special because it comes with a pack of crayons right in the packaging: colour in the wrapper just like a colouring book as you enjoy the delicious chocolate. gluten-free friendly.