12 Piece Bonbon Box • Holiday 2022

12 Piece Bonbon Box • Holiday 2022

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Our 12 piece bonbon box set, featuring a beautiful starry night sky box with holographic foil accents. Made with the highest quality Belgium chocolate, local ingredients, locally owned and handmade products - and as always, handmade by us in our shop in Ottawa, ON. Orders containing this product will ship after November 25th.

Each box is packaged in our custom Holiday 2022 bonbon boxes and contains 12 different bonbon flavours:

1. Champagne (dark chocolate - does not contain alcohol)
2. Mandarin Orange (milk chocolate)
3. Ginger Ale (dark chocolate)
4. Mint (dark chocolate)
5. Orange Spritzer (dark chocolate - does not contain alcohol)
6. Earl Grey (milk chocolate)
7. Irish Cream (white chocolate)
8. Gin & Tonic (dark chocolate - does not contain alcohol)
9. Honey Sour (white chocolate - does not contain alcohol)
10. Japanese Cola (dark chocolate)
11. Dark Cherry (dark chocolate)
12. Peppermint Cream (white chocolate)

We chose these flavours based on our most popular bonbons during the year, and to celebrate the season. We hope you & your loved ones will enjoy!

Gluten-free friendly.

Please contact us for full ingredients information.