Sweet • Taro Puffed Brown Rice • White Chocolate Disc


White chocolate infused with taro root powder and pieces of puffed brown rice. Taro root is a popular bubble tea flavouring that resembles vanilla.

Gluten-free friendly.
28% COCOA - NET WT 40 g (1.4 oz)

Please contact us for full ingredients information.

A chocolate disc is a disc of chocolate, that is handmade in a variety of flavours and toppings.
Sweet: candies, sugar, & other sweet treats
Fruit: dried fruits, berries, & more
Savoury: salt sweet snacks & fun
Tart: sour & sweet flavours
Classic: classically chocolate like nuts & caramel
Spicy: hot, warming spices & more

Our bars, discs, and dragées are best eaten within 1 year of purchase. Store in a cool, dry place. Some people like to eat cold or frozen chocolate, but we recommend they be enjoyed at room temperature for best flavour. 

Our bonbons are made fresh and are best eaten within 10 days of purchase if stored at room temperature, or within one month if stored in the fridge. They are best enjoyed at room temperature, especially after a delicious meal.

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