Thanks, Toronto!


We're back from Toronto!

What an awesome trip. Toronto, you guys showed us some real love. Thanks to BRIKA for hosting us on this awesome pop-up trip to Toronto. We gave out a ton of cotton candy on Queen Street West (lol @ all the people SHOCKED it was free!) as well as drinks, David's Tea, and chocolates!

Make sure to check out BRIKA if you're ever in Toronto. They carry an amazing amount of amazingly made products, most from Canadian makers! They really are a great bunch of people. Thanks again, BRIKA Team <3

As for us, that was our last pop-up for the summer! We'll still be around on social media and our website, but for now we're taking a little break.

Actually, it's not a break. 

If you've seen us in the last few months at markets, pop-ups, or craft shows, you might have some insider knowledge about what we're working on for the rest of the summer. I won't say what yet *once it's on the internet it's REAL* but it's going to be amazing and awesome and... it'll be worth the wait.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and loveliness! See you guys soon!


P.S.: Sidebar shoutout to Futurpreneur Canada for visiting us on our trip to Toronto and making our pop-up that much sweeter!

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